What employers look for in an apprentice


If you’re thinking about choosing an apprenticeship, it can be quite a daunting experience. Especially as for many of you, it will be the first big step on your career path.

You might be worried about the transition into the world of work after leaving school or whether you’ll have the skills to take on the tasks you’ll be responsible for day-by-day. But let us stop you there. You can put all those worries to one side and start thinking about why an apprenticeship is for you.

One of the best things about taking on an apprenticeship (of course alongside earning while you’re learning), is that you don’t have to worry about having experience or the skills that are needed for your new role. Your apprenticeship will take care of all of that.

Your qualification will provide you with all the training, advice and support you need to grow into your role and learn those skills that will help you to perform at a high level. You just need the right attitude to get you there.

When employers are searching for apprentices to join their team, they are looking for people who will become the future of their company so it’s important to them that they have a keen will to learn and have the right traits to fit in with their company’s ethos.

As a training provider, the team here at BB Training knows exactly what employers want when they are searching for apprentices to join their team. Here are our top tips on what most employers will be looking for:

Eagerness to learn

Of course, a chunk of your apprenticeship will be solely focused on theory-based learning, but we mean the practical side too. Your employer will be there help you grow your skills from within the company and will expect you to have an eagerness to learn the skills you’ll need to be a success. It doesn’t matter whether you’re training to be an early years practitioner, a healthcare assistant or an engineer, the will to learn will be a huge benefit to you.

A healthy curiosity

Asking the right questions is always a good sign of showing passion and interest. If you’re keen to find out more while you’re training or working, then it probably means you’re fully vested in your chosen qualification and career path and employers like nothing more than a member of the team who loves what they are doing.

Supportive and ambitious

It’s likely that when you begin your apprenticeship, many of your responsibilities will require you to provide support to people on your team. It means it will be really important for you to be enthusiastic and a team player. But they won’t want you to be settled in the position of just supporting, ambition and determination to progress to the next stage of your development will score you some brownie points.