Feedback, Compliments and Complaints - Policy

Policy Statement

BB Education and Training is committed to dealing with feedback, compliments and complaints in a timely and effective manner in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome for all stakeholders, using outcomes to develop and improve services.

This document details the policy and procedure for feedback from learners, parents, employers and other interested parties regarding the level of service provided/received from BB Education and Training.

For complaints and appeals against assessment decisions or Internal/External Quality Assurance please refer to the Malpractice and Maladministration Policy.


The Managing Director of Training has overall responsibility for this Policy ensuring the following take/are in place:

  • Briefing staff relating to how to deal effectively with feedback
  • Ensuring all complaints are documented , dealt with promptly and passed in to the relevant person
  • Full investigation of all complaints and queries
  • Agree, recommend and implement any changes implied to quality/procedural documents from feedback received
  • Inform relevant staff of feedback, actions, recommendations and outcomes
  • Inform the ESFA, Awarding Organisations and other relevant stakeholders if the situation requires


All feedback will be recorded, monitored and where appropriate investigated thoroughly.  This will be regularly monitored by the Manager allocated to lead the investigation.

    1.1    BB Education and Training will respond to feedback within 3 working days
    1.2    Normally resolution of complaints and queries is within 10 working days, however some complaints may take longer if the issue is difficult to resolve.  Where this is the case we will communicate an approximate timescale for resolution to all stakeholders involved.
    1.3    Feedback should be within 12 months of the event/issue to enable evidence to be sourced
    1.4    There will be no detrimental effects on service provided to complainants
    1.5    Compliments will be communicated to relevant staff member via one to one meetings and may be 
    used for celebration purposes
    1.6    Records for all feedback will be retained for 3 years
    1.7    All records will be retained in accordance with GDPR requirements

Feedback, Compliments and Complaints – Procedure

    2.1    All feedback including complaints should firstly be raised with the relevant member of staff e.g. Assessor.  Where this is a complaint the staff member must endeavour to resolve the complaint informally.
    2.2   Other feedback and compliments can recorded in Smart Assessor and/or sent to where it will be recorded and disseminated to the relevant manager
    2.3    Where efforts to resolve an informal complaint have been unsuccessful the formal element of the process will proceed.
    2.4    Formal complaints must be made in writing either to the Internal Quality Assurer (IQA); via; or in writing to BBT Compliance, Latchford House, Shenstone, Staffordshire, WS14 0SB.
    2.5    Details required as a minimum are:
    Date of birth
    Details of feedback/query/complaint, including dates where applicable
    Contact details
    2.6    If the complainant is acting on behalf of someone else (other than a parent of a learner age 16-17), written permission must be provided before any further details can be disclosed
    2.7    Formal complaints are logged within 2 days of receipt and acknowledged by the 3rd working day after receipt.
    2.8    A Responsible Manager will be assigned the complaint to investigate.
    2.9    Outcomes/resolution will be communicated in writing within 10 working days
    2.10    Dissatisfaction with outcome, please see Appeals 3.1 – 3.5.


    3.1    If the complainant is unhappy with the outcome of the complaint, they can appeal against the decision, in writing, within 10 working days of outcome confirmation date at the contact details in 2.4.
    3.2    If no appeal is received the complaint file will be closed.
    3.3    Appeals are investigated by a manager who is independent of the original complaint and investigation
    3.4    Outcome/resolution is normally advised within 10 working days, this may differ if complaint is more complex and/or requires further investigation
    3.5    The outcome of the appeal concludes the complaint and appeals process
  External Bodies
    4.1  If the complaint relates to a programme funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) the complainant can contact the ESFA upon exhaustion of the compalints and appeals process.  This must be within 3 months of the appeal decision. ESFA contact at or:

    Complaints Team
    Education and Skills Funding Agency
    Cheylesmore House
    Quinton Road
    CV1 2WT

    4.2 The ESFA procedure for complaints can be accessed at:
    4.3 The ESFA will acknowledge complaints within 5 working days and advise what the next stage(s) will be.
    4.4 If the complainant is unhappy with the ESFA response, then they can contact The Complaints  Adjudicator:
        Complaints Adjudicator
        Education and Skills Funding Agency
        Legal and Information compliance
        Cheylesmore House
        Quinton Road
        CV1 2WT   
Monitoring Implementation

Monitoring of this procedure will be carried out as follows:

1st line checks:
  • The Systems and Compliance Manager will collate Feedback data on a monthly basis
  • This will be reported to the Senior Management Team meeting
  • Issues will be disseminated to the Director of Operations

  • 2nd line checks:
  • The Director of Operations will follow up areas of concern/best practice with the relevant Head of Sector and IQA
  • All feedback will be reviewed quarterly and collated annually to inform the Quality Improvement Process, develop paperwork and processes and share best practice.

    Complaints Process Flow Chart